Month: June 2019

Do what makes you happy

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

Do you really know what makes you happy and/or what will make you happy? Well, yesterday I came across one of Mark Manson’s post on Linkedin where he said and I quote “You are probably bad at knowing what makes you happy (or miserable).” I found that intriguing, because I had been thinking a lot […]

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Dont give up on your dreams

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Hello Friend! I hope your day is going better than mine :). In spite of my ‘not so great’ of a day, I am here right now, right here to encourage you to never give up on your dreams. So, something happened yesterday that led to an argument in my house, and that argument went […]

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Keep your goals on track

The Ultimate Life Organizer – ‘Goals On Track’ – More Than A Goal Setting App

If you are like me, staying organized and on top of every area of life is oftentimes a struggle. I struggled with the idea of having to use multiple tools that I would end up also needing to keep track of. I just wanted one tool that would be my Life Organizer But with limited […]

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