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Do what makes you happy

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

Do you really know what makes you happy and/or what will make you happy? Well, yesterday I came across one of Mark Manson’s post on Linkedin where he said and I quote “You are probably bad at knowing what makes you happy (or miserable).” I found that intriguing, because I had been thinking a lot […]

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Dont give up on your dreams

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Hello Friend! I hope your day is going better than mine :). In spite of my ‘not so great’ of a day, I am here right now, right here to encourage you to never give up on your dreams. So, something happened yesterday that led to an argument in my house, and that argument went […]

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Keep your goals on track

The Ultimate Life Organizer – ‘Goals On Track’ – More Than A Goal Setting App

If you are like me, staying organized and on top of every area of life is oftentimes a struggle. I struggled with the idea of having to use multiple tools that I would end up also needing to keep track of. I just wanted one tool that would be my Life Organizer But with limited […]

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20 Personal Development Ideas

20 Personal Development Ideas To accelerate your growth

Is having a successful and purposeful life for everyone or only for a chosen few? I’d give you the answer right away. No, it’s not for a chosen few. Everyone including you can live the life of their dreams. Use this list of 20 Personal Development Ideas and this FREE Personal Development Plan Template to […]

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7 Ways to live your best life _ Informed Inspiration

How to live your best life

7 Ways to live your best life | Informed Inspiration

Do you know how to live your best life? Do you know what it takes?

Keep reading and I will show you 7 ways that you can start now to live your best life.

If you come around here often enough you will start to see a common thread in the things I write about and the things I’m passionate about. One of the things I am passionate about is the fact that I believe that everyone should live life with a sense of urgency, not the anxiety-inducing type of urgency, but one that allows you to appreciate everything that you have, and that allows you to live in the present, live your best life, and enjoy life as it is because you know that all you have is right now, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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15 Quotes on Having the Right Attitude | Informed Inspiration

15 Quotes About Having The Right Attitude

Why is having the right attitude important?


14 Quotes on Having the right attitude | Informed Inspiration

I am sure you will agree with me about the importance of having the right attitude in life. I personally believe that your attitude is everything, and it determines to a very large extent the outcome of your life. We may not have control over the events and circumstances of our lives, but we have complete control over how we choose to either allow or not, the events of life affect our outlook and attitude.

Having a positive attitude has an effect on our outlook, and how we perceive and interpret life. Thinking about the classic analogy of either seeing a glass as half full or half empty, we note that it is possible for two people to interpret the exact same thing in different ways.

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12 Quotes on Leadership –

12 Quotes To Showcase True Leadership

12 Quotes To Showcase True Leadership

What is leadership?

What are the characteristics of a great leader? Does occupying a position of authority automatically make someone a leader, or is leadership something entirely different.

I just started reading a book written by Jefferey A. Krames – Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis and this got me thinking more about what it means to be an effective leader. For most adults, chances are you will be leading at least one other person at one point or the other. It could be as a parent in a family, at work, at school e.t.c.

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