4 Life Lessons from the story of Mary Wollstonecraft – Informed Inspiration

4 Life Lessons from the story of Mary Wollstonecraft

4 Life Lessons from the story of Mary Wollstonecraft |

Mary Wollstonecraft lived a rather short life, she died at the age of 38. She was a woman who dared to live based on her convictions and beliefs, and her story teaches important life lessons. She was born and lived at a time when women were not regarded as equal with men. With limited formal education, she boldly forged a path for herself and many to come after her.

Mary Wollstonecraft was born the second of seven children on April 27, 1759, in Spitalfields, London. Her childhood was not an ideal one. She grew up with a father that was a violent drunk who gradually squandered the family’s finances on speculative projects. Her father would beat his wife in drunken rages and Mary would lie outside the door of her mother’s bedroom in an attempt to protect her.

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Ultimate Aim in Life –

The ultimate pursuit – What’s your aim in life?

What is lifes ultimate pursuit

What’s your aim in life

Over the past year and a bit, I have lost people and heard news in my close circles about the passing of young people in their 20’s and 30’s. Some unexpected, and some after a drawn-out illness.

These deaths have got me thinking a lot more about life and what it means.

One of the questions I have had to ask myself and truthfully answer is, What exactly is my aim in life? Do I know what I want out of my life? What do I need to do, be or have that would make me smile at the end when I look back on my life.

Would I be filled with regrets and woulda, coulda, shoulda? Or will I look back and be joyful for a life well spent.
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What exactly is stopping you from living life fully?
What are you waiting for?  Friday? Summer? Marriage? Children? Grown-up children? Fame? Money? More time? More resources? To be older? Retirement?

Whatever it is, don’t spend your life waiting for life to start, because it already started the moment you were born. That’s right! Life does not start on Friday, in summer, when you get married, when you have children or when you retire. You miss out on your life every moment you spend waiting for it to begin.

We all have a limited number of years to live. Tomorrow is not promised, and this moment is all we have. Think about it, for each second you live, for each moment, each hour, each day, you are closer to your date of death than you were the day before. Think about that for a second, let it sink in. Scary? Maybe, but it shouldn’t be.

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13 Quotes on fulfilling your potential |

13 Quotes to inspire you to reach your full potential

13 Quotes on fulfilling your potential |

What is potential?

In order to have a chance to reach your full potential, you need to first determine what it means. The dictionary definition of potential is

  1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
  2. latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.
  3. the possibility of something happening or of someone doing something in the future.

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Set the timer for your goals | Informed Inspiration


Set the timer for your goals | Informed Inspiration

Set a deadline for your goals

It’s easy to dream and set goals, but there is always a price to pay in order to achieve them. One of the factors that determine the price we pay is setting a strategic timeline or deadline. For me, this simply means you have to be organized. You have to take time to clarify your goals. Know exactly what is required, and set a deadline to get it done or reviewed.

Contrary to the ‘negative’ connotation attached to having deadlines, it could be effective if done right and as part of a carefully planned and organized schedule. Make sure the deadline is realistic, don’t have too many deadlines at once, and don’t set your deadlines too far in the future.

Why deadlines are important

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Inspirational stories – KONOSUKE MATSUSHITA |


Inspirational stories|

Konosuke Matsushita was the youngest of eight children and was born on November 27, 1894, in a farming village called Wasamura.  His family was forced to leave their farm when Konosuke’s father lost his property.

Few months before he was to graduate from elementary school, and at only nine years of age, Konosuke had to say goodbye to his family on a journey to the city to work as an apprentice at a charcoal brazier store.

Konosuke would start his workday at the crack of dawn with the cleaning of the store. He was also tasked with caring for his employer’s children. The store went out of business less than a year after, and Konosuke found a new apprenticeship at a store selling bicycles.

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Don’t Just Dream – Work |


Don't Just Dream - Work |

Dreaming is important. It is vital and it is crucial. Having a dream can inspire and motivate you. Although having a dream is great, it is only the starting point, and you have to back your dreams up with measurable actions.

The question then is – How do I translate my dreams into measurable actions?

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