This life is fragile

One moment here
Next moment gone
Just like a glass
One moment whole
Next moment,
shattered into a million little pieces
you can gather the pieces
to create something new
Other times,
the pieces can not 
be put together

They become like dust 
Only to exist somewhere 
far away beyond your grasp
This life is fragile
Not a reason to not live it
Not a reason to be so cautious 
that you forget to breathe
This life is fragile
The one reason you have 
to LIVE it as something precious

Not as an artifact on the wall 
standing still

But as a leaf 
that allows the wind 
to be its wings

Life is fragile
It’s also complex
 and beautiful
 and alive

Life is fragile 
Don’t force it, 
or it breaks

Life is fragile
Live light 
or it crushes 
under the weight of needless burdens
Life is fragile
Live with grace, 
flow like the breeze 
on a bright sunny day
Life is fragile
It's like an egg
It withstands great pressure
yet cracks at the slightest hit
Life is fragile
So learn
to balance the pressure
Life is fragile
Live with a love
bigger than your fears
Life is fragile
Life is precious
Don’t take it for granted. 

~ Deola
August 06, 2022
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