Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never give up on your dreams

Hello Friend! I hope your day is going better than mine :). In spite of my ‘not so great’ of a day, I am here right now, right here to encourage you to never give up on your dreams.

So, something happened yesterday that led to an argument in my house, and that argument went way out of hand. Now I am feeling a lot of unhealthy emotions – hurt, disappointment, and anger.

I have allowed myself to wallow a bit and feel what I feel. But I have also come to a point in my life where I know I can’t stay there and stew for too long. I have to get up, learn the lessons (there are always lessons to be learned), plan how to deal with my emotions without shoving them in or letting them take over.

One of the things that’s been running through my mind is “Deola, you’ve worked so hard to get to where you are right now, dreaming again, believing in your ability to shape your future and have the life of your dreams. Don’t allow a bad day and the actions of others undo all the progress you’ve made and make you doubt yourself”

It occurred to me again that this is exactly what it means to fight for yourself, your life, and your dreams. There is a verse in the bible that says

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life ….”

And another says:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7)

Those two verses talk about fighting, taking hold, keeping the faith, finishing a race.

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Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile in life knows that dreaming is one thing, but accomplishing those dreams require a lot of effort, a lot of stretching, changing and growing.

Along the way there will be many many opportunities to throw a pity party, to give in to fear and doubt. You will be tempted to cut down the size of your dreams or give up altogether.

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But I want you to know today, that you are worth the fight. Don’t expect it to be easy, but you have to let the challenges and obstacles that life may throw your way know that ‘You did not come here to just play but to win’.

You Need A Strategy To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

The question you should ask yourself is, what are those things getting in your way, and what plans do you have in place to deal with them. What’s your strategy to make sure that come what may, you will never give up on your dreams.

You can’t leave your life to chance. You can’t be carried away on a whim by your emotions or the circumstances of your life. Just like in the business world companies have disaster recovery plans and strategies, you also need one for your life.

When life throws you a curve ball, how would you recover?. What resources do you have in place to use to help you regroup and keep moving? You must not wait until you are in the middle of the storm to try to figure out what you can do.

This is why personal development is so important. Work on yourself daily, so that you get stronger and wiser and more equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

See the challenges and obstacles as tools to help you stretch so that you can be able to reach further. Remember, if your dreams seem out of reach, all you need to do is keep stretching and keep increasing your reach. Soon enough those dreams that seem to be way out there, will be within your grasp.

I didn’t mean for this to be a long post, but oh well :). I’ll like to hear from you in the comments section or by email.

Stay Inspired and Keep On The Good Fight

Dreams do come true
fight for your dreams

31 thoughts on “Never Give Up On Your Dreams

  1. In reality it is always time to push harder to realize your dreams when it seems more difficult to do it!

    1. Absolutely Cristina we need to always keep moving forward

      1. I find sometimes it tends to get harder right before we arrive at our goal. But then when we don’t give up, and manage to get past that final hurdle it is so worth it!

        1. Absolutely true Sarah. It’s so worth it.

  2. Oh Deola, you’re such a powerful and inspiring person! Thank you so much for being you!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment 🙂

  3. Hi, I love how you wrote about using challenges and obstacles as tools to help you stretch sand grow and live a better life! That’s very inspiring. I will keep that in mind on those tough days! Melissa

    1. Absolutely Melissa. I try to make every challenge count for something

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Exactly what I need right now.We’re all fighters 🙂

    1. Yes, we are. Rooting for you Ewa

  5. Your post is very inspiring for people like me that sometimes don’t feel we are taking the best decision or we are doing the things right. I need to keep fighting and reach my goals. Thanks!

    1. Fiorella, that’s the spirit. Leave yourself with no other alternative but to figure it out and succeed

  6. I love this! Personal development is so important. Plus, you have to make yourself happy before you can make anyone else happy.

    1. Definitely true. You cannot give what you don’t have

  7. Fight your way out of failure. Its really the best way – cant win if you quit.

    1. I agree with you on that Kiwi. You haven’t failed until you give up.

  8. I love these words “Don’t allow the actions of others undo all the progress you’ve made and make you doubt yourself” this is so true it is like comparison is thief of joy. When you compare you always think what some else has is better and yours is not.

    1. You’re spot on Mel. I always say, compare yourself only with the best that is inside of you.

  9. Personal development is so important! I never want to stop growing and improving.

    1. That’s the spirit, Margaret. Never stop growing or improving.

  10. This was such a great post! I needed this honestly, right on time

    1. Hey Sydney. Glad it was a timely post for you. Rooting for you

  11. My dreams have not been reached yet. I am getting so close though. I would never think of giving up!

  12. This is so motivational. You are the only person who can pick yourself up to continue reaching for your dreams. No one else can do it–only you. Never give up!

  13. What a great reminder for everyone! I totally agree that you should never give up on your dreams!

  14. Sometimes you come across hurdles when you are trying to follow your dreams, but you just jump over them and keep tracing the dreams.

  15. I love how you said that you gave yourself time to mull over your mood. That in itself is great advice. There are times when I’ve felt like I’ve been wronged and immediately took to Facebook or my blog, only to stop myself from publishing it because I have to think over whether or not it needs to be made public and also if I’m over reacting or not. It takes maturity and wisdom to hold back, so way to go!

  16. I love this. It’s so important to remember who you are and find your passion!

  17. I’ve been struggling so much lately. Sometimes It’s easy to feel demotivated. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  18. This is so right. I had been trying to achieve my dream project and there are days like giving up. This post is a good reminder.

  19. Needed this more than you know! Challenges and obstacles make us stronger.

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