Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Are you trying to keep up with the Jones’s?

In a world where a lot of folks try to keep up with the joneses, it may be challenging to stop comparing yourself to others. I have found that the best way to live, and actually succeed, is to do just that.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Unhealthy comparisons and competitions produce a negative energy that is not healthy for a fulfilling and happy life. I mean there’s always going to be someone smarter, more good-looking, wealthier etc. than you are, so at what point do you get to stop comparing yourself to others.

If you allow yourself to get sucked into the unending pit of trying to keep up with others, you are only going to wear yourself out, and possibly be unhappy and feel unfulfilled. I mean it’s bound to be exhausting trying to keep up. We all have our different paths in life, and we are all at different stages, and in different phases.

It’s like a lion constantly comparing itself with a fish, and striving endlessly to be able to live in water. Imagine that for a second. Absurd, right? but that is what a lot of us do.

Of course, there are healthy comparisons. Comparisons that keeps you motivated,  and gives you an example of what you can do, and can be. In this case, you are not thinking that you have to have something or do something simply because the other person does.

Reflect and Focus

My motto in life has been, Just be you, some will like you, some won’t. But in being you, be committed to CANI – Constant And Never-ending Improvements. Sit down, and reflect on your gifts and talents, think of what you need to do to utilize your gifts, and focus on that. Make it your life goal to use every one of your God-given talents to make your world, and the world, in general, a better place.

Once you have formed a picture of what the best you look like, whether it’s figuratively being a lion or a fish, then you compare your current self only with the best within you that you have seen. Continue to work towards becoming that person, and no one else. You figure out the type of environment you need to thrive and be the best you, then work on creating and living in that environment.

Remember life is a journey, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Relax, enjoy, and be committed to always improving.

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