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I read these 2 Richard Branson’s tweets this morning, and it got me thinking about how we often neglect some of the simple things in life. And also how it’s the simple things, the little things that add up over time to become a big deal, and a difference in whether we are successful or not.

One of such simple concepts is taking notes.

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Take notes on just about anything 

Could be ideas on family, parenting, career, business, travel and so on. Great ideas often come to us when we are not necessarily focused on it. Thoughts and Ideas could be triggered by just about anything. It is important to make note taking a part of our daily lives.

We should always be ready to put down the gems that find their way into our minds, but are often lost because we don’t write them down immediately.

Why is Taking Notes important and valuable?

We live in a very busy world, and lots of thoughts, ideas, and general information compete for our attention. It is pretty much impossible to keep track of everything that runs through our minds.

Taking notes, especially when done immediately a thoughts or idea comes to mind, helps to ensure that we don’t forget and lose the thoughts as we go through our day.

In addition, I have also experienced that by reducing the burden on your brain to attempt to remember every single task, or thought, or idea, you in turn experience less stress and anxiety relating to those things.

Do you ever feel sometimes that there is something you are forgetting or missing?

Well, taking notes helps to free up your mind, and allows you to have room in your mind to take in more concepts and ideas. For me, it feels great just knowing that all I need to do is to pick up my notepad (or whatever you use to take notes), and I will have access to all the information that I would have otherwise attempted to store in my brain. This way, I am able to focus on new ideas and thoughts, without having the feeling that I am forgetting or missing something.

It is also important to take action

Another challenge a lot of us experience is having notebooks, phones, tablets e.t.c. that are full of information and thoughts and ideas that have not been properly reviewed, and given expression to or discarded as applicable.

It is not enough to take notes, you also have to take the time to review your notes, and decide which thoughts to discard, and which ones to build on.

Keep it simple

The whole idea of taking notes, is to simplify our lives in a way. So, you have to find what works best for you. You can use the traditional pen and notepad, or any of the available note taking apps out there. Whatever method you use, just make sure it is something easily accessible anytime, and that doesn’t add an extra layer of complexity.

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