One day,
I got tired of dreaming
I got tired of hoping

So I took my dreams
to the forest
where things never fly

I buried my dreams
beneath the tree
where things never grew wings
where they sit and die

For a while
I thought I found peace
I stopped dreaming
I stopped hoping
All because
I left my dreams
in a place where I thought
dreams go to die

At first,
the days became slower
the moments expected
But I also lost

I lost all the magic.

I ignored it,
but my soul wouldn't let me be
I fought and I wrestled with my soul
for rest

Then one day,
I woke up and saw that
all that wrestling
all that fighting
had put a crack on the lid
the lid I thought would 
close up my mind
close up my soul

All of a sudden,
my feet were no longer on my side
they took me back against my will
they took me back
to the place my soul longed for

They took me back to the forest
the forest where things never grow
back to the tree
with branches so thick 
the sun wouldn't shine through

or so i thought

because, wait!
the tree is gone
the sun bright and shining

And what is that?
oh look, 
the dreams I buried

They didn't die
The tree gave them shade
and now,
the sun made them shine

I looked on
and once again,
I began to see

What is that?
Oh my,
It's the sound of my soul
waking up

The lid fell to the ground
burned up by the power of the sun
the same sun
that brightened my dreams
and enflamed my soul

I stood there
eyes to the heavens
arms raised high
dreaming again
hoping again

To never stop
To rest when I get weary
To sit under the shade of the tree

But to never again
stop dreaming
never again stop hoping.

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